Inspiring show at Camp Angell

It has been an amazing spring break. After the show in Davis with Vlad Dupre (see below), I went over to the coast and gave a talk to the students at the current Camp Angell. They packed the gymnasium, listened to my talk and watched my slideshow, asked pertintent and thoughtful questions, then gathered around me at the front and shared thoughts, more questions, and just generally engaged in the moment. (We couldn’t take photos due to privacy laws.)

One young woman shyly said she coudn’t afford to buy a book, but would I sign the slip of paper she had? Before I even recognized what I was doing, I had pulled out a book, signed it, and given it to her.

“Do you promise you’ll share it with your friends?” I asked.

Yes, she certainly would.

The look on her face will keep me going for years.

I gave out a few others as well. What else can you do when a kid with no money wants to learn about history so that they can understand the present and do something about the future? To paraphrase Thoreau: In youth is the preservation of the world.


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  1. Clover says:

    Reblogged this on Chez Clover and commented:
    This scene at the current Camp Angell is truly moving and inspiring. That same day, I had unknowingly brushed shoulders with the author at Tsunami Books where I had gone to buy his book. He was delivering a box of of them to the bookstore and by the time the sales person told me it was him, he was in his car on his way to Camp Angell!

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