Buy this book from your local independent bookseller

When you go to buy Here on the Edge, think a moment about why you’re buying it. Is it because you’re interested in the Fine Arts at Waldport? Their influence on the San Francisco scene of the 1950s and 1960s? Their work in fine printing? Their contributions to the role of art and creation in social protest? 

All of these topics and more should be reason enough to go directly to your local independent bookstore and order the book. You don’t pay shipping charges, and you support your local economy. You also carry on the tradition of the independent, entrepreneurial spirit that is at the heart of the Fine Arts at Waldport story.  

Sure, you can buy it on Amazon for $19.86, which is $5.09 cheaper than the publisher’s retail price of $24.95. But you will also pay $3.99 in shipping, which comes to a total of $23.85 — saving you exactly one dollar and ten cents from the purchase price at your local independent bookstore. One dollar and ten cents.

I have nothing against Amazon — I have used their services many times over the years. But in this case especially, here is an opportunity to ensure that your thoughts and actions are in agreement. Here is a chance to honor the cooperative spirit and sense of community which made the Fine Arts at Waldport so influential and effective. 

So hurry down to your local independent bookstore, place your order, and sleep well knowing that you have done a good deed for art and peace!

Not sure where your nearest indie bookstore is? Try this finding aid from IndieBound.

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