Steve McQuiddy is a writer and lecturer specializing in Pacific Northwest history and culture—particularly the eccentric quarter. His monograph, The Fantastic Tale of Opal Whiteley, has been widely quoted and reprinted, and he was a featured commentator on the topic for Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Experience. He has been awarded by the Society of Professional Journalists, and his publication credits include Salon, Mother Jones, Seattle Times, and Best Essays Northwest. He is a former editor of the Lane County Historian, and an honorary director of the Oregon Cultural Heritage Commission. He has taught at universities in the United States and Japan, and currently teaches writing at Lane Community College in Eugene.

Steve is an articulate and entertaining speaker with decades of experience in all types of media; he can tailor his presentations to live audiences, radio, and television. If you would like him to speak at your event, contact him through the channels below. Check out his calendar on the Events page.

Contact the author:


Steve McQuiddy
P.O. Box 51014
Eugene, OR 97405

steve ( at ) hereontheedge ( dot ) com

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